Born to Win

“The strongest factor for success is self-esteem, believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, and believing that you will get it.” To boost the self-esteem of students so that they are always moving towards success, AHPS rewards them for their excellence in academics, social awareness, bravery, and culture. AHPS ensures that their achievements do not go unnoticed and that they always keep in mind—they are born to win!

AHPS Inter-School Olympiads

AHPS organizes Inter-School Olympiads in the subjects English, Maths, Science, and Computer. It holds these Olympiads at both the School level and the National level. They are meant to enrich the thinking, reasoning, analytical, and logical skills of AHPS students.

AHPS Inter-School Olympiads are held every year (just like AHPS Mega Competitions). AHPS thus makes sure that students continue to remain competitive and perseverant throughout the year. 

Annual AHPS Mega Competitions 

AHPS initiated Mega Competitions in the year 2014. This event is held in Delhi NCR at the National level. All the AHPS students across India participate in different categories pertaining to academics, sports, and fine arts. They showcase their talent in front of well-renowned dignitaries who have made the whole country proud time after time.  

AHPS conducts Mega Competitions on a grand scale every year and thus stimulates experiential learning of the students, making them pursue success in all their endeavors. 

Decode Startups

Entrepreneurship is becoming a trend these days, and that too a meaningful and significant one. AHPS wants to make the students self-reliant risk-takers and profit-makers, and that’s where the Decode Startups program comes in! To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship, AHPS launched this competitive program for its students (from Class 9 to 12) across India. The winners of this program receive seed money as well as guidance from industry experts. 

AHPS KEO (Knowledge Exchange Opportunity)

AHPS KEO (Knowledge Exchange Opportunity) adds to the holistic development of students. By means of this program, AHPS wants to make the students aware of the rich cultural diversity which is around them. Students are asked to perform in accordance with the history and rich heritage of a state other than their own. 

The winners of AHPS KEO receive cash prizes, certificates, and medals, and more than that, a stronger sense of belonging and awareness.